Month: December 2020

Are Bail Bondsman Considered Law Enforcement?

There are many levels to the law and how it is handles in specific situations.  In general, when you commit a crime you will be pursued by a detective and other members of law enforcement.  They will do what they can to gather evidence as to who committed a crime and bring that evidence to a judge who will then determine your guilt or innocence. 

If there is enough evidence a judge will set a trial date for you to defend yourself against the evidence collected.  It is here he will issue you a bond which is a set of conditions you need to meet in order to be released from jail before your trial.  This is known as a bail bond and is managed by bailbonds Vista agents or bondsmen.

When you receive a bond, you will contact a company such as Acme Bail Bonds.  They will then take on your bond giving you specific criteria you need to follow.  If you follow these instructions, your bond can be revoked, and a bondsman can then come after you.

A bondsman is not a police officer but rather a bonds enforcement officer.  They have the ability to come after you with the help of a police officer or other enforcement personal such as bounty hunters.  If you are being pursued by your bondsman or a bounty hunter, they will be able to use whatever force they need to recapture you and take you back to jail.

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When you agree to a bond and enter into a contract with a bondsman you are signing over specific rights that you are typically offered under the law.  This revocation of rights allows a bondsman and a bounty hunter to do specific actions that would otherwise be unlawful.  Since this level of agreement is made and deemed legal by the courts, a bondsman is an independent agency working under lawful actions outside of the typical rights given to the public.