Month: October 2020

Reasons Why You Might Require An Emergency Tooth Extraction 

Have you been experiencing a toothache for a while? Don’t know if it’s severe enough to make an immediate appointment with the dentist? There can be many instances where you might be required to undergo an emergency tooth extraction procedure. Being mindful of the reasons that might require it will save you from enduring pain for long.

Whether you have an untreated dental problem or you’ve been experiencing an acute ache in your gum, you shouldn’t delay a dental check-up. You must never underestimate a toothache; it might be pointing to a bigger underlying issue that might require an emergency extraction. The sooner you seek help from emergency tooth extraction port charlotte experts, the better.

Here are some tell-tale signs that require an emergency tooth extraction:

1.    A persistent and intense toothache

It’s a no-brainer if you’ve been experiencing a persistent toothache. It’s a clear signal that something is wrong. Intense tooth pain is much different from normal aches that only last for a while. 

A tooth pain that lasts for many days and doesn’t go away even after taking over-the-counter medicines needs an emergency extraction. If no ice packs or home remedies can lower the pain, you need to make an appointment immediately.

2.    Swelling that doesn’t go away

If you’ve noticing swelling around your tooth or on your gums, it could be a sign of infection known as an abscess. This infection happens due to an increase in harmful bacteria in the mouth. You won’t be able to treat this at home with medications.

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If the swelling is surrounding your tooth, it might need to be taken out to halt the spread of infection further. An infected tooth needs to be extracted immediately.

3.    Damaged Tooth

If you have recently suffered an accident which might have broken or fractured your teeth, you might require an emergency extraction. Such breaks and cracks can cause immense pain and should be taken out soon.